Photomodulation devices for the face

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  • photomodulation-portable-device-red-red-blue-green

    Portable led phototherapy device Easy Led

    89.00  ttc
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  • Sale! mask-led-3-color-red-blue-green-customer feedback

    3 colors photomodulation face mask

    129.00  99.00  ttc
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  • Appareil-de-photomodulation-photobiomodulation-rouge-bleu-vert-orange-jaune-pliable-portable

    4-colour LED tunnel

    689.00  ttc
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  • Traveled-appareil-de-photomodulation-de-voyage-rouge-infrarouge-leds-estheticienne

    Traveled Red and Infrared

    349.00  ttc
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  • photomodulation-device for sports muscles red infrared lights

    Actiled Red Blue and Infrared

    499.00  ttc
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  • panel-60-red-and-infrared-60-red

    M Red and infrared panel

    589.00  ttc
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  • Masque-led-visage-efficace-avis-clients-vue-profil

    Anti-ageing face and neck led mask

    590.00  ttc
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  • Sale! masque-led-cellreturn-standard-premium-rouge-rouge-bleu-infrarouge

    Led mask CellReturn

    1,120.00 1,299.00  ttc
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