Photomodulation devices for hair loss

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4-colour LED tunnel

689.00  620.00  ttc

Specially designed for mobility, this new photomodulation device will be perfectly suited for the treatment of all skin areas: acne, fine lines, stretch marks, alopecia.

Its dimensions and light weight will allow you to take it with you on all your travels.

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LED cap hair loss stop, a new hair ally

890.00  ttc

EXCLUSIVITY: cap lamp led anti hair loss

The use of LEDs for hair has been demonstrated in several scientific studies.

Phototherapy or laser treatment of hair loss will stimulate the bulb. When we place ourselves under the LEDs, the specific wavelengths will penetrate into the deep dermis where the bulbs are located, these waves will trigger in the mitochondria the synthesis of ATP which is the energy of the cells.

The combination of mesotherapy and LED photomodulation is today the best combination for:

  • stopping hair loss
  • the appearance of regrowth
  • increase in hair density and quality

New more efficient model for the 272 leds: only 7 minutes/day session compared to 30 to 60 minutes for the other models!

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