Thérapie par LED  : quelles sont les différences ?

Luminotherapy, phototherapy and photomodelling are all gentle techniques using light. However, even if they are sisters in this respect, their applications diverge. They do not all affect the same cells in the body. Overview of LED therapies.

The fundamental differences between light therapy and related therapies

Although their principle is based on light, this does not mean that all therapies using this system apply for the same purpose. Light therapy can treat seasonal depression due to lack of light, while phototherapy or photomodelling have an impact on the aesthetics of the body.

What is light therapy?

Unlike photomodelling, which involves exposing the skin to an LED device, light therapy brings light into the eyes. Its objective is to stimulate the glands that will produce melatonin, the sleep hormone, so that the treated person can regain a normal day/night rhythm and regulate the body clock. This therapy helps to treat seasonal depression by providing additional light during seasons when the sun is scarce and insomnia.

Again, if it uses light to stimulate the secretion of a hormone, it differs from phototherapy in the type of light used. Indeed, the lamp of this therapy diffuses white light without infrared or ultraviolet light. Its purpose is to reconstitute as closely as possible the natural light of the sun. In phototherapy as in photomodelling, this is not the case since, precisely, the LED used is a derivative of the soft laser. In addition, these gentle therapies are used to reconstruct the skin and therefore focus on aesthetics, while light therapy soothes the mind.

Luminotherapy in the institute or at home, it’s up to you!

Light therapy is practiced in hospitals, institutes or at home, although light therapy in beauty salons is more rare. The cure is generally prescribed from fall to spring. Different types of devices exist. They come in the form of a mask, headband or lamp. It is essential to check that the lamp produces an intensity of 10,000 lux and does not emit ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to your eyes. Moreover, people with eye disorders are not eligible for this LED therapy.

Light therapy devices are even worn during sleep to promote rest. They are sold in pharmacies, online or in orthopaedic stores and are reimbursed up to a certain amount by social security on medical prescription.

What is light therapy, using light to rejuvenate the dermis

What is a light therapy lamp? Is LED photomodulation the same? No, there is a difference in size between these two devices. The first one diffuses a white light while the second one is inspired by chromotherapy. To find out what it is, read our dedicated article.

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