Appareils-de-photomodulation-phototherapie-led-avisWhat exactly is the aesthetics of light therapy?

Widely used by Hollywood stars, this aesthetic method allows multiple uses. What is photomodulation definition? How does it work? On which part of the body? All the answers are in our file….

Photomodulation definition: the new technique to regenerate cells

Stretch marks, acne, spots or water retention… all these cellular problems can be treated by light. Impossible, you will say? And yet, the photomodulation definition explains how exposure to LED light allows the body to tighten tissues.

Everything you need to know about LED photomodulation to better understand

Photomodulation by LED lamp is a non-invasive, painless and high-performance aesthetic technique. It uses LED light of different colors to cause a chemical reaction in the body. In fact, the cells are agitated, produce excess collagen and elastin and repair skin problems. In short, photomodulation is the stimulation of cells by light.

The technique is simple: it consists in applying cold light to different areas of the body, especially those areas that need to be activated. The session is painless since the LED lamp does not heat up. The light is pulsed, but the flashes are so close together that the eye does not distinguish these sequences and only perceives continuous light.

Photomodulation processing for multiple uses

Although this procedure is discreet, unlike botox or other criolypolises, photomodulation treatment allows for three different actions that often complement other aesthetic treatments in order to increase their effects. Thus, photomodulation acts on:

  • Body and face remodeling
  • Healing and an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increased penetration of products applied to the skin

This leads to multiple applications with aesthetic and sometimes curative purposes such as:

  • The treatment of acne and baldness
  • Repair of damaged tissues such as sunburn, stretch marks, recent scars or burns
  • Deep hydration and rehydration of the cells, which helps to relax tissues, regenerate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Drainage of fat cells to reduce the orange peel effect of cellulite

Its anti-ageing effect is really striking, as is its action on damaged skin areas. However, LED light therapy is still relatively unknown.

History of led photomodulation, a recent and discreet method

Photomodulation is a rather recent therapy that suggests that not all applications have yet been found. To know everything about this non-invasive aesthetic method, it is best to consult its history.