Enrayer-les-maladies-neurodegeneratives-par-la-therapie-LEDEliminate neurodegenerative diseases with LED therapy

What if it were possible to limit the damage caused by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson’s? This is the challenge of brain photomodulation. It offers LED therapy to act on the oxygenation of cells and thus to wake up sleeping neurons in order to regenerate them.

Cerebral photomodulation, a hope for Alzeimer and Parkinson’s patients

If it is possible to increase the oxygenation of the blood, it is likely that this technique will also oxygenate the brain cells. Cerebral photomodulation is posed as a LED therapy acting on dormant or failing cognitive functions by reoxygenating the neurons involved in the use of specific light waves.

Photobiomodulation for your brain

When we know that UV rays can influence the DNA of cells, it is obvious that the same is also true. Some rays, carefully measured, must be able to modify the DNA of the cells in the right direction. Thus, neurodegenerative diseases are directly concerned by this painless technology and without side effects. Care is aimed at improving cognitive function and several studies show significant improvement in this area even in cases of severe brain damage.

Thus, the scope is broad since it includes not only Alzheimer or Parkinson’s patients, but also constitutes a valuable aid for stroke and cardiovascular accidents. Its applications can be applied in many other areas where brain function has been impaired for one reason or another. Light therapy increases cell oxygenation and acts as a rebooster for neurons to repair damage previously caused.

The Alzheimer photobiomodulation therapy, an undeniable help

Highly suspected of participating in the degeneration of cells and brain functions, oxidative stress is the first target of Alzheimer photobiomodulation. LED therapy makes it possible to act directly on the oxygenation of the cells and thus to fight the oxidation of these cells caused by intensive and sustained stress. Would that be like saying that light is the healer of all your ills?

If this is not possible at the moment, the progress made in this field and the convincing results obtained by observation in patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases are very encouraging. In addition to the significant improvements that therapy brings to brain function, it provides general well-being and improved vitality.

Photomodulation definition, an innovative method in the world of aesthetics

The LED photomodulation technique is a major advance in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. However, photomodulation definition also occurs in the world of aesthetics and medicine at other levels.

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