Stimulate blood oxygenation through light therapy

By using specific wavelengths, light becomes a gentle therapy that plays on blood density. Photomodulation of the brain is then used in many fields such as sports or anti-aging treatments.

Photomodulation of the brain for cellular stimulation

Stimulating blood with light is the brilliant idea behind the photomodulation of the brain. Studies have shown that red blood cells respond particularly well to this stimulus, causing better oxygenation of the cells and fighting enemy number 1 of your cells, oxidative stress. Focus on a particularly effective method based solely on light.

Brain photomodulation, a therapy that influences non-invasive cells

For once, it is important to underline that a therapy works and does not hurt. With no side effects, but full of benefits, brain photomodulation is a real breath of fresh air… not for your lungs, but for your cells. And they need it after being mistreated by oxidative stress, one of the main causes of skin ageing, chronic fatigue or suspected of contributing significantly to the development of skin diseases.

And to oxygenate the cells, it is necessary to act on the oxygenation of the blood. This therapy was born after observing the effect of light on red and white blood cells. The former are much more reactive at specific wavelengths, optimizing their structures. In this way, oxygen circulates better in the blood and awakens the cells anaesthetized by the lack of oxygen. This leads to a chain reaction in the metabolism that increases sports performance, slows down aging or improves recovery functions.

Cellular photomodulation: practice and consequences

Everything lies in the name of this therapy: photo which means light and biomodulation which means impact on the cells. Just as UV rays destroy the composition of cells in depth, so blue or red light set to the right wavelength promotes oxygenation and regeneration of cells. It is therefore enough to master this almost magical tool that is light to rejuvenate our body, our face or our blood.

And by acting on the body in a positive sense, cellular photomodulation is a catalyst of energy and vitality allowing the dermis not only to heal, repulp and rehydrate, but also to stop the ageing of the organs, including the brain.

Brain photomodulation, a therapy to regenerate the brain

Systemic photomodulation is a true cellular oxygenation session, just like brain photomodulation, which gives incredible results in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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