La-luminothérapie-au-service-de-l’amélioration-des-capacités-sportivesLight therapy to improve sports skills

When sport becomes a passion, you want to improve your performance even more. With the technique of sports photobiomodulation, this is possible. But not only that! This led therapy offers multiple possibilities to help in the practice of sport. It’s time to discover all the options to improve your vitality.

Photobiomodulation sport, painless therapy for athletes

Improving performance, reducing pain after exercise or reducing recovery time are the many benefits of sport photobiomodulation for sports enthusiasts. Whether you practice as an occasional or regular amateur, this pulsed light technique significantly increases your metabolic abilities.

How does a recovery photomodulation session work?

Light therapy for sports performance, does that surprise you? Not so much if you think for a few seconds about how this technique works with light. Indeed, it consists of exposure to cold light, pulsed extremely quickly and in colours. Red, blue or green… the colours are used for their characteristics of action on the body. Result?

The cells are touched in the heart and are awakened and activated. In fact, they produce collagen, elastin and other enzymes that are involved in cell regeneration. It is from this principle of active regeneration that muscles recover much faster than normal. Micro lesions caused by stress are repaired very quickly compared to conventional recovery.

But the effect of the photomodulation session does not stop there. It also influences the oxygenation of the blood. In fact, by practicing a treatment before exercise, the blood and cells are already charged with oxygen and are therefore, somewhere, fully prepared for the effort that will follow. This is why sports performance is much better than without this method. Sportsmen who want to surpass themselves and always improve can no longer do without this led treatment. And the advantage of this technique is that it has no side effects and no pain.

Sport photobiomodulation, a technique using laser-derived light

Photomodulation is originally a technique derived from the soft laser. It has evolved into a cold light and is inspired by chromotherapy. However, it owes its development to a scientific study published in 2004 where its aesthetic qualities propel it into the leading group of anti-ageing therapies. However, it also has qualities that make it a high-performance medical tool. And more recently, his abilities are of interest to athletes for the reasons mentioned above.

With manual led devices, you can perform your photomodulation session at home before your training without needing the services of a professional. If you wish, you can also carry out these treatments in an institute. The duration of the recommended treatments generally does not exceed 20 minutes. Armed with these tips and your LED device, all you have to do is take full advantage of the benefits of blood oxygenation provided by pulsed light. The muscles are less painful and recover faster. In fact, you can increase the pace of your training and therefore your performance. Your metabolism recovers its youthfulness through the action of cellular regeneration.

Electro photomodulation and inflammation, anti-inflammatory in action

If sports recovery is one of the advantages of light therapy, it is not the only one. Indeed, there is also a combined action between electro photomodulation and inflammation. This is not surprising given the incredible repair capabilities of the technique.

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