Everything you need to know to perform a light therapy treatment at home

Do you want to perform light therapy at home without the assistance of a professional? It’s not complicated and you’ll quickly integrate it into your daily beauty routine once you know the steps to follow. The update on how to proceed for a led session at home with our experts….

Steps to follow for a successful led session at home

Once you have your LED device in hand, you may feel a little lost when you find yourself alone to perform your treatment. Depending on your needs, you will have a led session to eliminate acne, rejuvenate your face or erase your stretch marks. To make sure you don’t make mistakes in your beauty ritual, here’s how to get the most out of your treatment.

The procedure to follow for an optimal face led session

Whether you want to rejuvenate your face, tighten tissues, reduce wrinkles and fine lines or remove pigmentation spots, a LED face session is always the same. The only thing you will need to do beforehand on your led device is to adjust it. You will program the color that corresponds to the problem you want to treat, the duration of the treatment which is generally between 20 and 30 minutes, the intensity of the leds and… you are ready to take action!

In order for the led session to give the best of itself, it is necessary first of all to clean your skin thoroughly. You must remove any traces of make-up, foundation or cream. It is also recommended, on mornings when you wish to perform the treatment, not to use your day cream. On the other hand, you may prefer a cream specially developed for light therapy that will enhance the action of your session.

Once your skin is clear, you put your led mask on and take advantage of the session to relax. If you have a handheld device, you will apply it to your skin with gentle movements in the direction of your face. You will start by moving up from the chin to your ear to redraw the oval of your face. Then you will continue from the mouth and up to the ear, then the cheekbones and finally the nostrils. It will then be necessary to leave the nostrils to go up towards the temples.

It is advisable to end the session by applying a cream, again, specially designed to prolong the effects of the treatment. During the treatment, do not forget to respect the instructions concerning the distance between your skin and the device. As it is a very gentle treatment, it is a totally relaxing moment to fully enjoy!

Acne led session: how to get rid of blackheads?

Acne is a skin manifestation of hormonal changes that affect many young people. But some people continue to suffer from it in adulthood. In addition, acne can spread to the upper body and not just touch the face. To act effectively with light therapy against this very unpleasant and sometimes even altering self-image rash, it is necessary to follow the steps of performing a session. For an effective acne treatment, it is advisable to perform a treatment twice a week for a month and then to continue with maintenance sessions at a rate of once a week.

To start your face led session, you will therefore, as for the face, program your led device. Here, the choice of colours is self-evident: blue for antibacterial action and red to heal the skin. You can also use a cream before the treatment to boost the effect of the session. A deep cleansing of the skin is also required. Of course, you will not have applied your usual acne creams and treatments on the day of the treatment.

If you have a led mask, simply place it on your face, adjust it to your body shape and pass the elastic behind your head to hold it in place. Once that is done, all you have to do is relax and wait for the end. If you have a manual device, it will be necessary to proceed by successive passage over the area or areas to be treated without staying more than 10 minutes on the same area. In all, the treatment must not exceed 30 minutes. You can choose to start with the blue light and then switch to the red light to combine the effects of the acne treatment. Once the session is over, you can use a specific cream that will prolong the benefits of light therapy.

Stretch mark led session, the steps to take action

Stretch marks are unsightly and can appear anywhere on the body, especially on the breasts, buttocks and hips. They reveal the places where the skin is fragile and delicate to crack. Heavy treatments exist to remedy this problem, such as laser treatment. However, light therapy, which is non-aggressive to the skin, has very good results with green light.

Thus, stretch marks, both old and new, are largely attenuated and can even disappear if you are really receptive to this light therapy. The more recent the stretch marks are, the more effective the treatment is, i.e. still red. However, old stretch marks recognizable by their whiteness can be reduced by nearly 50% with a treatment twice a week as an attack treatment and once a week after one month as a maintenance treatment. It will take 12 to 16 sessions for a complete treatment.

To carry out this treatment at home, you must, once again, thoroughly cleanse the skin before starting the session and avoid ointment except with a specific cream to activate the treatment. Here too, you will select the right LED color on your device and program the treatment time of about 20 minutes.

Then all you have to do is expose yourself to your LED device if it is a panel model. It is advisable to adopt a comfortable position to avoid numbness or cramps. If you have a handheld device, you should gently pass it over the affected areas, avoiding staying too long on the same part. Once the stretch mark led session is over, you can continue your day without feeling any pain or side effects. However, light therapy continues to work to repair your tissues. You can help by applying an aftercare cream specially designed to reduce stretch marks by photomodulation.