Solving inflammatory problems with light therapy

Although it seems almost incredible, LED treatment can solve problems of acne, psoriasis or muscle inflammation. How can a simple exposure to pulsed light induce such a phenomenon or how photomodulation and inflammation are echoed by interposed leds?

Electro photomodulation and ignition, blue light at the forefront

Light therapy, a fairly recent discovery, has not yet fully revealed its benefits. And when we talk about electro-photomodulation and inflammation, we immediately think of an effective solution. Indeed, through the spectrum of blue light, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions, light therapy soothes inflammation of the skin and muscles.

Photomodulation inflammation, the answer to your inflammatory problems

Inflammation can occur at different levels of the body. By definition, it is a reaction of the immune system in response to an attack. In fact, it can manifest itself on the skin through the appearance of excessive redness, dermatological problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne and superficial burns such as sunburn. But it is also present in tissues, and particularly in muscles after exercise or deep irritation.

There is therefore much to do for photomodulation inflammation in order to act gently, but in depth to soothe the dermis or any inflamed parts and repair the micro lesions responsible for the inflammation. The principle is simple: it involves exposing the area concerned to cold, pulsed blue-spectrum light that will stimulate the production of enzymes and cause a chemical reaction in the body. This awakening of the cells will promote the disappearance of inflammation and allow the tissues to regenerate naturally while calming the immune system.

The advantage of this led therapy is the absence of pain and side effects both during and after the session. There has been a very rapid improvement in the status of the problem addressed on receptive subjects. And above all, it is a non-invasive treatment that will not add to the aggression already existing in the body.

Calming inflammation with photomodulation care

Acne is probably the most obvious example of how light therapy works on inflammatory conditions. Indeed, this skin problem causes pimples and blackheads of bacterial origin which manifests itself as redness. This affects the face of adolescents in general, but can also affect adults and extend over the upper body. To carry out the photomodulation treatment related to this problem, it is necessary to use blue light, but also the red color which will come in addition to repair the tissues.

The principle is the same for types of inflammation. Thus, the irritation is soothed, the germ is destroyed by the antiseptic action of blue light and the cells are repaired. Other colour combinations exist to soothe and repair the skin or tissues depending on the problems encountered. It is a good alternative to allopathic treatments which can have undesirable effects and are sometimes much more aggressive. There, the soothing is visible from the first session and continues for a long time.

You can practice photomodulation care at home with led devices, in a beauty salon or at a specialist.

Photobiomodulation and pain, the non-aggressive response that relieves

The treatment by leds makes it possible to relieve other conditions than inflammation. Photomodulation and pain is another facet of the action of this light therapy that is truly effective and totally painless.

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