Light therapy, its many benefits for your health

Photobiomodulation, based on laser technology, was introduced in 2004. Since then, this technique, which is as useful in the field of rejuvenation and aesthetics as it is in the medical field, particularly in dermatology, has also found its place in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and in sports recovery. Heteroclite is the technique of the future.

Photobiomodulation, knowing its different applications to get the most out of them

Derived from chromotherapy, photobiomodulation participates through a technique of exposure to cold and pulsed light, in the regeneration of cells, oxygenation of the blood and elimination of bacteria. It is therefore multi-purpose and can be found in many medical and aesthetic applications. It’s time to discover what it’s capable of for your body!

Photobiomodulation therapy, an innovative and non-invasive led treatment

Unlike most traditional treatments, photobiomodulation therapy cures, rejuvenates and reactivates the cells of your body without any pain. The treatment lasts on average about twenty minutes for impressive and almost immediate results.

His secret? It uses a technology based on chromotherapy and soft laser. By acting on the heart of the cells, it wakes them up and activates cellular oxygenation.

The sessions of care by photomodulation leds

To carry out your light therapy session, you have several possibilities according to your needs. First of all, you can go to a beauty salon. You can also, depending on the treatment, follow your hospital sessions on medical prescription.

Finally, you can also opt for home care by equipping yourself with your own LED device. Each session lasts a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes.

Photomodulation led, multiple benefits for your body

This led therapy works with light. The color of the LEDs is therefore important since it is the light spectrum that acts on a particular cell to obtain the desired effect. Blue, green, yellow or red LEDs… you can act on the skin as well as on the deeper tissues of your body.

This improbable combination finally gives a cold light, which does not damage the cells and does not cause unpleasant skin reactions, but has regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory effects that are really surprising

Electro photomodulation and inflammation, anti-inflammatory in action

The light spectrum affects many things in the body. And in particular, electro photomodulation is a very effective therapy for inflammation, whether cutaneous or in internal tissues. This quality allows him to work often in dermatology.

Photobiomodulation and pain, the non-aggressive response that relieves

As it is a painless technique, photobiomodulation is very popular. And it has a very effective action on pain, even the deepest ones. As proof, photobiomodulation osteoarthritis works very effectively to relieve patients.

Photobiomodulation and neuropathies, treating neurodegenerative diseases

Alzheimer, Parkinson or any brain damage can be subjected to photobiomodulation vielight. This light-based skin care technique has an action on the heart of the cells and allows the regeneration of cells damaged by trauma or disease. It is therefore a hope for patients with brain problems.

Photobiomodulation sport: increase performance and erase pain

In the field of sports, sports photobiomodulation also has its place. It reduces sports recovery time and activates the cells during exercise to increase performance tenfold. It is therefore an asset for athletes who want to improve their discipline and reduce pain after their session.

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