Give your skin a boost with the yellow led

Magic… it’s the word that comes to mind when you think about the effect of yellow light on the skin. Via a LED lamp, it has a tensor and firming effect by acting on the blood circulation. However, there’s nothing hard about it, but light technology!

Yellow light, improved blood circulation for breathtaking results

Light therapy uses the yellow LED lamp to act on the lymphatic system. As a result, we observe a draining and firming effect that acts against cellulite and limits unsightly “orange peel”. The yellow LED light repels the body and face, but also knows how to be a precious asset in hair growth. A led you will not be able to do without….

The secret of tight skin: the yellow light frequency

As with all light therapy treatments, yellow light acts according to a precise number of sessions and a frequency established in advance. It is necessary to start with an attack treatment according to the water retention problems you want to eliminate with two sessions per week over 4 weeks. Then, according to the results, some stabilization care is still needed to observe a lasting effect.

As part of an aesthetic treatment, it is advisable to do a few maintenance sessions each year. This can be done in the institute, but also at home with your own yellow LED lamp. The average duration of a session is variable, but generally lasts around half an hour.

Yellow LED light, the painless solution to your blood circulation problems

Heavy legs, water retention and tired skin are usually symptoms of poor blood circulation. Sometimes ships even burst on the legs forming purple stars of sorts.

The usual dermatological treatments consist of a painful injection to sclerose the vessel that has given way. With the yellow LED light, you can greatly improve your blood circulation by a painless treatment without any side effects.