Red LED, the warm color that regenerates cells

In photomodulation, light is used for different applications in the medical and aesthetic fields. Each color of led used allows a specific action on the body and particularly the cells. Red light brings different benefits.

Red light, regenerate cells without aggression

Light therapy uses the light spectrum to make the cells react to reboost and rebalance them. To do this, it uses different colours that will intervene according to the problems to be treated. Red LED light therapy, regenerative and healing, is used to repair tissues and help healing, but also in aesthetics to reduce wrinkles.

Red light benefits: act painlessly to repair cells

If red is a warm colour, the treatment is done by cold light. The red anti-wrinkle LED does not heat up, but sends a pulsed light in micro-seconds that reaches the heart of the cells. By reacting to this light supply, the cellular components shake and wake up to regenerate.

The red light therapy lamp has this regenerative action that allows it to intervene in the aesthetic field, but also in the medical field to accelerate healing or to help restore cells damaged by a traumatic shock.

Red anti-wrinkle light, the number one in aesthetics

Its secret lies in its penetration into the skin. Indeed, red light is the one that acts most deeply. It increases the production of collagen and fibroblast. This combination acts favourably on the dermis to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The first visible results are a “smoothing” of the face and neck.

But all areas can be treated. Thus, old or new stretch marks such as scars are treated by this red light. Red LED light therapy is also often used in addition to blue LED in the treatment of acne to repair tissue damaged by pimples.