Luminotherapy by pink led, act gently to soothe in depth

Soothing and calming, pink light is the champion when it comes to relieving irritations. A true anti-inflammatory, it calms redness on the face and body and acts as a soothing and resourcing balm. A led color not to be forgotten!

Pink light, the painless soothing agent for skin and deep irritations

Derived from red, the pink LED lamp has its own specificities and acts mainly as an anti-inflammatory. It can be used in institutes, hospitals or even at home to calm dermal irritations such as sunburn. It soothes and regenerates cells by providing them with a dose of beneficial hydration.

The pink led light, the soothing balm for your skin

It is regularly used in light therapy when redness and irritation affect your dermis. The pink LED bulb is ideal to calm sunburn and remove fire from burns. Its light spectrum intervenes, via photomodulation, on the cells and activates their hydration.

In fact, the effects of irritation are largely contained by this process.
Unlike traditional ointment and cream treatments, light therapy allows an immediate reaction of the skin on people who are receptive to this treatment. It only takes one care for the results to be there.

Pink light therapy, the solution for irritated skin

To erase irritations, a few sessions of pink light therapy are recommended. This technique, totally painless and without any side effects, has proved its worth. The pink light lamp remains cold and does not heat the skin.

It is the pulsed light that acts as a catalyst to diffuse the light spectrum to the cells. Shaken and awakened, the cells then start to produce collagen and elastin to repair the damage to the dermis. The effect is then immediate and the redness fades very quickly.