Infrared light, healing at the heart of the body

Infrared light, healing at the heart of the body

Infrared, the LED for a painless rejuvenation cure

Red light is known in light therapy for its regenerative and healing action. But when it is necessary to go even further in the tissues for deep cell regeneration, infrared light must be used. Focus on a breathtaking anti-ageing treatment….

Awaken the youthfulness of your cells with infrared light

She is the one who initiated the discovery of phototherapy. Derived from lasers, infrared light has many virtues, including the ability to act in depth on cells to achieve intense regeneration and accelerated healing. Doing a session with this color of led is like immersing yourself in a bath of youth.

Infrared light skin, time eraser

Time acts by altering the cells of the dermis. The skin collapses, becomes less smooth, shows wrinkles and fine lines. Its visible passage on your face and body can be blurred or even erased thanks to the skin infrared lamp. For this anti-aging action, infrared light will be the most effective, as it acts deeply in the repair of tissues.

In fact, its healing action not only blurs the marks of time, but also acts on the traces left by surgery or the lack of hydration of cells such as scars or stretch marks. Infrared light is particularly effective when it comes to treating stretch marks, even old ones.

Healthy infrared light, heal at high speed

Infrared light is particularly effective when it comes to accelerating the healing of cells. It was used by NASA in its early days for its healing properties in particular environments as well as in weightlessness. And the results were spectacular!

It therefore naturally made its entry into the medical world, as early as 1965 with the laser. But today, it is used in the context of phototherapy, which allows the dermis to be repaired without aggression.

Actiled Red Blue and Infrared

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Infrared and red light column

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Photomodulation device with 1240 led panel

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Red and infrared LED panel wall

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