The green LED, the perfect color to give your complexion a radiant glow

Each colour has its own speciality! Green light does not deviate from the rule of light therapy and allows you to act on the cells in your own way. Its particularity is to remove pigment spots and give a beautiful glow to your complexion. But these are not its only assets….

Green light, the secret of a luminous complexion

To revive the radiance of your complexion, green light therapy is a precious asset. We already knew the effects of green cream to reduce redness. It is time to discover the green LED lamp that removes unsightly pigment spots. A real beauty and dermatological asset, it works without pain and without being invasive.

Green light visible effect from the first sessions

Green light seems to have miraculous properties from a dermal point of view. It is used in light therapy in sessions divided into attack, stabilization and maintenance groups to reduce all pigment spots on the face and body. Pregnancy mask, age spots or sun spots… nothing can resist its action!

Traditional dermatological treatments that are much more invasive are thus advantageously replaced by gentle and non-aggressive skin care products. Painless and without side effects neither during nor after the session, the green skin light works very effectively. As a result, it is not necessary to suffer for the remedies to work.

Green healing light, the miraculous led for your skin

The light spectrum has long been used in medicine and aesthetics, most of the time in the form of lasers or infrared. But the micro-second pulsed light of the light therapy allows to act in depth on the cells without damaging the dermis.

And it is by playing on the LED color palette that we obtain the desired effects. Thus, the green healing light acts as a real dermal stain eraser, whatever its nature and age.