Blue-spectrum LED, the antibacterial for phototherapy

To treat different medical or aesthetic problems, light therapy uses leds of different colors. Thus, blue light has specific healing powers that make it a formidable opponent of acne and skin problems. Focus on a very efficient led….

Blue light: fight acne gently and painlessly

She is the acne champion and wins all dermatosis fights. Her? It’s the blue light. If it is harmful to our eyes via computer screens, it becomes almost miraculous when used in light therapy for skin problems. Antibacterial and antiseptic, it attacks and destroys the germs responsible for skin eruptions.

Blue light skin, purify to heal better

It’s no secret and every dermatologist will tell you: a dermatosis is caused by bacteria. It is therefore necessary to eliminate the germ responsible for the rash in order to eliminate skin problems. And this often involves aggressive treatments for the body and the dermis. However, led photomodulation avoids this inconvenience.

Simply use the LED blue light to obtain concrete results where the germ responsible for erythema, eczema or psoriasis is eliminated. As the blue LED lamp does not heat up, but only sends a micro-pulsed light, the skin is treated without being mistreated.

Blue light acne, painless attack treatment

The major problem for teenagers is acne. This alteration of the skin particularly affects the faces, but can also affect the back and décolleté in the most severe cases. Usually temporary, this rash of pimples due to hormone changes in the body can be really disabling for young people.

The acne blue light device gently solves this skin problem. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, blue acne light attacks the germs responsible for pimples and eliminates them without causing skin lesions, which is often the case with traditional treatments.

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