Led therapy, colour comes into play for targeted care

Using light to heal is the challenge of light therapy. Indeed, this light-based skin care technique uses the light spectrum to awaken cells and thus increase the production of chemical ingredients in our body to regenerate the body.

Light therapy: Exposure to light to heal

It is indeed necessary to have a lamp for phototherapy to work. Simply expose yourself for the desired time to the given frequency in different colors to obtain an improvement of the problem. Drainage, rehydration, healing and firming are some of the actions of this light therapy. An overview of the care provided by this painless technique.

The essential equipment for the care: the luminotherapy led lamp lamp

Whether you choose to follow a phototherapy cure in an institute or you prefer to have your own photomodulation session at home, the effect of the color LEDs does not change. However, to take advantage of your device and your sessions, it is essential to know a few tips. Indeed, even if bright light therapy with colours is not a very old treatment, it remains a recent and very progressive technique.Thus, it should be noted that the treatment time is variable and can range from 20 minutes to 1 hour. However, most sessions are about half an hour in length. For a complete treatment, you can choose to perform a treatment with one color and then follow with a second color without needing a break.When you start a series of treatments with a specific objective such as reducing wrinkles or smoothing your thighs, be aware that you should start with an attack cure that includes 2 sessions per week. Then, you can continue with only one session per week to consolidate the effect. It is advisable to have maintenance sessions every year thereafter.

Color light therapy, a kind of highly effective chromotherapy

Colour care is not new. What is, on the other hand, is to combine pulsed light LED lamps with the power of colours to act in depth on the cells. All this is totally painless during and after, and above all, without any side effects. For once, the treatment does not damage the dermis and then repairs it. Color light therapy works without altering the skin.

This non-invasive method allows many applications such as the fight against acne, anti-aging self or body drainage. But above all, it is really effective, when you know the therapeutic effects of each colour. Indeed, each of the diodes diffuses a light of a specific color that acts and awakens the cells in a special way.Colour light therapy is therefore not only an aesthetic and anti-aging treatment, but also a curative treatment when necessary. It can also be an adjunct therapy in the optimization of other treatments such as the treatment of baldness. It is therefore a complete therapy with multiple uses.

Blue light therapy, the champion of leds against dermatosis and acne

As you will have understood, each colour has its own specificity. Blue light is therefore ideal for fighting against dermatoses and particularly acne. Indeed, acne is caused by germs that cause skin damage. The blue LED has a recognized antiseptic and antibacterial effect that eliminates the germ responsible for blackheads. A light to discover for more information on its particularities.

Red light therapy, repairing and healing cells in depth

It is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment! The red light allows the cells to regenerate. But what really makes the difference in this LED is that it works in depth. Its light spectrum goes to the heart of the cell to reactivate age-sleeping functions such as collagen and elastin production. In fact, the cells quickly regain vitality and your skin looks tight and plump. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear in front of this really essential light.

Infrared light therapy, healing at the heart of the body

Known for a long time through the soft laser, infrared light is widely used when it comes to deeply healing tissues. In fact, it is widely used for medical purposes, but also for aesthetic care where it promotes cell regeneration and thus helps to erase skin lesions. It plumps up the face by promoting collagen production. A light that we can’t do without…

Green light therapy, say goodbye to pigment spots

You probably know the neutralizing effect of green on red. Well, green light uses this principle to remove your pigment spots. It acts on the heart of the cells and makes it possible to remove pregnancy mask, reddish or white stretch marks or even unsightly spots caused by the sun or any other problem. It is the led to even out the complexion and restore all its radiance to have absolutely.

Pink light therapy, an effective anti-inflammatory with no side effects

Gently, pink light is an ultra-effective anti-inflammatory. It calms redness, soothes irritation and even acts on sunburn and burns. And the best part is that it works from the first session and provides immediate relief. Like her sisters, she should not leave your beauty kit and even allows herself to incursions into your first aid kit when you come back from the beach.

Yellow light therapy, the blood circulation activator

If you are looking for a LED that can reduce orange peel skin and act on lymphatic drainage, it is the yellow light that you need. A real weapon against cellulite, it penetrates the body and activates blood circulation. With this property, it is also very effective in improving blood circulation and relieving heavy legs. A light that acts as a lifting without being invasive!