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Phototherapy and rejuvenation: the new Hollywood fad

From Jessica Alba to Katy Perry, Hollywood stars are full of praise for LED processing, but do you know why? Unlike a facelift or peeling, phototherapy is totally painless and risk-free. However, LED photomodulation offers breathtaking results in terms of rejuvenation.

Anti-ageing led treatment: how does it work?

A phototherapy treatment consists in placing light diodes near the skin using a LED device. LEDs are small diodes that provide light of which the wavelength and therefore the color can be chosen. As it is a so-called cold light treatment, it is absolutely painless. The light beam stimulates the skin cells causing a natural biological reaction such as photosynthesis in plants. The cells literally regenerate themselves, resulting in immediate tissue rejuvenation and a visible anti-aging effect.

Led processing to boost collagen production

The first effect of photomodulation applied to the skin of the face is to activate collagen production. This is why you will sometimes find LED devices under the name collagen lamp. By acting on the fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen, the LED lamp will repulp the tissues while restoring the skin’s elasticity. The effect is visible after only a few sessions. The skin on the face is smoother, wrinkles are shallower and the face looks visibly younger.

Which LED color for a rejuvenating effect?

Each LED color provides a different effect. It is therefore important to keep in mind the effects of each color for an optimal result and to choose your led color according to your needs.
– The red LED stimulates collagen production and has a plumping effect. It is the basis of anti-ageing led treatment. It improves the oxygenation of the epidermal cells.
– The blue LED is recommended mainly for acne. However, its use allows you to remove blackheads and pimples.
– The yellow LED is regenerating. It acts on skin cells by strengthening the elasticity of tissues. It has a tightening effect that provides a healthy glow and rejuvenates.
– The infrared led is almost essential for an anti-ageing treatment. By penetrating more deeply into the tissues, it will act directly on wrinkles and fine lines that will appear visibly shallower. The face is smoother and looks immediately younger.
– The pink LED is used daily for a healthy glow effect.
– The green LED blurs spots and redness for a perfect complexion.

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