Traveled Red and Infrared

Traveled Red and Infrared

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Are you interested in a photomodulation always at hand? Ask for this equipment to follow you everywhere, on weekends, in the hotel, during your business trips. Don’t interrupt your daily sessions anymore. Lightweight, this mobile device features LED technology with multiple aesthetic and sports applications. Your Traveled is the agile solution for your phototherapy sessions. Composed of 40 red and infrared LEDs, it is easy to hang and plug into a simple electrical outlet. Start your treatment sessions as soon as you have a free moment, without restrictions, the device will be ready in a few seconds. Maintenance free, it is robust, reliable and safe for your skin. Enjoy a few moments of care, remedy the harmful effects of the weather and the aggressions of air pollution in your epidermis.

20 red LEDs (660nm) + 20 infrared LEDs (850nm)
Total power of the leds: 200 Watts
LED lifetime: 50,000 hours
Dimensions: 25cm x 13,5cm x 4cm

Duration of sessions: 10 to 20 minutes

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For what purpose? Red light therapy ?

Treat all three layers of your skin with Traveled Red and Infrared. You have access to fast treatment, high speed cell reconstruction, without risk, while benefiting from the well-being effects of the sessions. By exposing yourself to red and infrared leds for 10 to 20 minutes a day, you will improve your skin density. Your skin will be brighter and its pores will be tightened. Photomodulation ensures anti-aging prevention and offers a rejuvenation bath to your tissues. Ideal for sports preparation or physical recovery.

The different led treatments with Traveled

  • Healings
  • Stretch marks
  • Anti-ageing
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sports recovery
  • Sports preparation

Advantages of your Traveled

  • Lightweight
  • Nomadic
  • Aesthetic and silent


Distance(cm) 660nm 660nm and 850nm 850nm
0 1665 1920 2189 W/M²
15 190,4 646,3 425,2 W/M²
30 84,2 281,1 192,5 W/M²


  • Pregnant women
  • Infection on the area to be treated
  • Pacemaker


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 4 × 13.5 × 25 cm

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C'est les soldes ! 10% de remise* immédiate avec le code promo 19BIO10
*valable pour toute commande hors cosmétiques et Vielight et dans la limite des stocks disponibles