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The led mask, your home rejuvenation session

Removing stains, reducing wrinkles or plumping the skin usually requires heavy care that can damage the dermis. But today, all this is over thanks to the led mask. In versions 585 and 690 leds, the CellReturn mask acts as a rejuvenating treatment on your face. It tightens the fine and delicate skin of the face for a homogeneous result.

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Led face mask, find a baby’s skin

To tighten the fabrics without going through the lifting case, simply wear the LED face mask for 20 minutes quietly from home. With its coloured LEDs, it solves all your skin problems and erases the effects of time in no time. Your face is like “wrinkled out”, your complexion is bright and your blackheads no longer intend to come back!

Which LED colors to choose with your anti-age LED mask?

All colours have their uses when it comes to dispelling the effects of age on your skin. However, some are more used than others. Thus, the red and infrared color is perfect for healing and eliminating facial imperfections. Penetrating more or less deeply into the dermis, the two red and infrared LEDs form a competent duo against ageing.
Blue eliminates the bacteria that cause acne and blackheads that can settle in your dermis. A deep and painless cleaning guaranteed!
Pink helps to fight against redness for a radiant, totally unified complexion.

An anti-acne led mask to restore beautiful skin without pimples

The uses of the led mask are multiple. It is also useful to reduce or even erase freckles, to reduce wrinkles or to bring light to the complexion. The secret of this cold and painless light lies in the range of the waves.
It touches the cells in the heart and activates, among other things, the production of collagen and elastin. In fact, it is perfectly suited for an anti-aging treatment, but also when it comes to removing acne from a face.

The different treatments led mask led anti age mask led

  • red and infrared: skin rejuvenation
  • blue: purification of the dermis,
  • pink (red and blue): ideal for fighting acne

The advantages of the face led mask

  • Practical
  • Can be used at home
  • 2 versions 585 and 690 leds
  • easily accessible commands

Version :

  • Standard: 585 leds (195 leds per wavelength)
  • Premium; 690 leds (230 leds per wavelength)

3 modes :

  • Red and Infrared
  • Blue and Infrared
  • Pink (Red + Blue + Infrared)

Advantages :

  • Presence of infrared
  • Large number of LEDs; 585 LEDs in Standard version and 690 LEDs in Premium version
  • Covers the neck area
  • Autonomy; more than 5 sessions of 20 minutes at full charge (charging time between 4 and 5 hours)

EC European Conformity No.: N17OR-168
CE, ISO9001, Clinical studies, FDA, FCC



led rouge bleu avant après avis photomodulation

Additional information

Version :

Standard 585 leds, Premium 690 leds


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